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Why join the toy library? 

Parents join the toy library for a number of reasons, but many comment on the following:

  • Hundreds of good quality, educational toys without the expense of buying them.

  • Children’s favourite toys frequently change. The wide variety of toys on offer, means your children are never bored with the toys they have.

  • Age appropriate toys available to keep up with your child’s developmental needs.

  • Hiring toys is a sustainable way to prevent having to store, sell or discard outgrown toys.

  • Teaches your child about selecting, sharing, looking after and returning toys.

Where is the toy library? 

We are located at:

65 Sandwich Road, Beckenham, Christchurch  

When is the toy library open? 

The toy library is open on the following days and times:

  • Tuesday: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

  • Friday: 9.30am – 11.30am

  • Saturday: 9.30am – 2.00pm

We are closed any public holidays, if they fall on our opening days.

Over summer, we close from mid December, over Christmas and summer school holidays. During this time we hire out our toys for approx. 6 - 8 weeks. Each year, these dates will be advertised in our newsletters.

How much does it cost to join?

There are two options for membership, Option A ($45 annually) is the lowest cost, and includes the requirement to complete three duty sessions. Option B ($96 annually) is more expensive, and exempts you from completing the three duties. We also require members to either complete one fundraiser (usually donating a bag of pre-loved children’s clothing) per year or pay an additional exemption fee of $16.

How much are the toys to hire?

Rental is based on the value and age of the toy. On each toy’s packaging there will be a coloured spot which denotes the rental price. Posters are at the library to remind you of the colour codes:

Yellow - $1, Red - $2, Blue - $3, DVDs - $2

How do I join? 

By coming down to the library when it’s open, filling out an application form and paying by cash or eftpos or download an application form here, email it back to us and pay by internet banking (internet banking details are on the form).  

How many toys can I borrow?

There is no limit to the number of toys you can hire. Many parents get a few large toys, a couple of puzzles, a DVD and some playing toys.  

What do I have to do for a
duty session?

When a member brings back toys, you check them back in, by counting / checking the pieces, making sure no pieces are missing or broken, and then returning them back into the library’s electronic system & replacing them on the appropriate shelf. The librarian will be there to show you what to do. In the quiet times, you can tidy the library or the librarian will direct you to another job.

You may bring your children to your duty session. Babies and older children are usually fine, toddlers may struggle to keep themselves occupied for two hours.  

How do I book in for a
duty session? 

When you are next at the library, there is a rosters board by the office door. Pick a day and time that suits, and fill in your name. Remember to diary the date. Tuesdays and Friday sessions are booked well in advance. We really appreciate members doing a session on a Saturday.

We will soon have an online booking form, so booking a duty session; can be done in the comfort of your own home!  

I’ve placed my name down
for a duty session, now I
can’t make it. What do I do? 

We understand that things to crop up, but would really appreciate every effort to be made to attend the duty session, you were placed down for. There is a $20 fine if you fail to attend your duty session.

If you can’t make it, please phone our committee member, Vicky, who looks after the roster on 022 094 3101.

What fundraising are you required to do as a member? 

We need to fundraise to supplement our finances to enable us to purchase new toys and/or equipment. We require all our members to participate in our one fundraiser per year. Our fundraiser usually is donating a bag of pre-loved children’s clothing which contributes to the Annual Clothing Sale. If you fail to participate in the compulsory fundraiser, you will be required to pay a charge of $16.

You can elect to pay a ‘Fundraising Exemption Fee; of $16 for your membership year.

I’ve got home and realised parts are missing or broken
on the toy we borrowed.
What do I do? 

Phone us on 020 4024 7926. When the library isn’t open, the phone will go to answer phone. Leave a message on it with your name, the toy code and what’s wrong with the toy and we will note it in our system.  

My toys are due to be returned, but I can’t return them in time?

Overdue toys will be charged accordingly. We will allow the next opening day’s grace to return toys. Please phone us on 020 4024 7926 if there is some reason why you can’t make it into the library.  

I’ve changed my contact details (address, phone, email).
Who do I contact? 

Email and let us know the details, or let the library know the next time you are in the toy library.  

I’d like to give a toy library membership as a gift voucher. Can I do this? 

Absolutely! What a great gift to give to a family with young children. You can give a gift voucher of either option of membership and if you’d like a credit towards their toy hire as well. Either email or come down to the toy library when it’s open, and we will arrange a gift voucher.  

Who runs the toy library? 

The toy library is run by a committee of volunteers, along with two part-time librarians. We also really value the role our members play in contributing with their duty sessions.

The toy library is supported by Plunket as an entity of that organization and also through links with the Toy Library Federation New Zealand.

I’d like to be more involved with the toy library and consider going on the committee. What do I do? 

Great! We are always keen to have new committee members. Each committee member has a particular role and area they look after and report on. We meet monthly on a Thursday evening, with a formal committee meeting, followed by some cake and a bit of a chat. Speak to the librarians when you next visit the library or email to let us know you are keen.  

What are your
membership rules? 

Click on the button below to download our membership rules.