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Parents join the toy library for a number of reasons, but many comment that the range of good quality,
educational toys far exceeds what they could purchase for their children.

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Baby Toys

We have a wide range of toys, from birth upwards. We collect together,r in a single box, 5-6 appropriate toys for each age group, making it easy to pick something that will interest and challenge your baby. Other baby toys include baby swings and exersaucers.

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Big Toys

We have big toys for hire including bicycles, tricycles, running bicycles, slides, basketball hoops, ride on toys, mini-trampolines, roller-coasters, dolls prams and play kitchens.

Toy Library toys page2.jpg

Toddler Toys

A wide range of toys including Little People sets, musical instruments, trolleys, ride on toys, cars and garages, kitchens, groceries and dolls, Duplo sets and jigsaws.



Dress Up's

We also have a great range of dress-ups for girls and boys.

Older Children

Range of toys includes dolls houses, train sets, jigsaws, games and sports sets, Quadrilla marble runs, Imaginext sets, dolls furniture and equipment, Schleich animals, puppets and puppet theatres.




We have over 800 DVD’s on offer.

Hundreds of toys to hire without the expense of buying them

Children’s favourite toys frequently change. The wide variety of toys on offer,
means your children are never bored with the toys they have. 

Rental is based on the value and age of the toy. On each toy’s packaging there will be a coloured spot
which denotes the rental price. Posters are at the library to remind you of the colour codes:

Yellow - $1 Red - $2 Blue - $3, DVDs - $2